We offer a solution for patients
with Acute Brain Damage (ABD)

“You never fail until you stop trying.”

(Albert Einstein)

Acute brain damage(ABD)

Acute brain damage (ABD) represents a
major and growing challenge to modern

It is the second leading cause of death for those over 50 years of age and
the leading cause of long-term disability, with growing costs related to
care, support, and social assistance.

The prevalance of Acute Brain Damage consequences is estimated at 1.7
million neew patients in the US and 2.6 million in the EU, which gives a
sense for the heavy burden of Acute Brain Damage on society.

Refrigerating collar

Our vision is to contain ABD consequences and save lives

We combine the neuro-protective effects of targeted, controlled hypothermia
and anaesthetics.

Neuron Guard offers an integrated solution for patients with Acute Brain Damage in order to reduce neural lesions and save portions of the brain that would otherwise be damaged and result in loss of functions such as speech, vision, motion, and even the ability to breathe.

Early on-site treatment is the key to protect the brain.

Our vision



Our collar can be used directly on the site of the event and accompanies the patient through the treatment process.

Head Targeted Hypothermia

Head targeted Hypothermia

By cooling the blood that flows to the head we reduce the temperature of the brain without affecting significantly

Adaptive temperature

Adaptive Temperature control

Sensors and a smart temperature control enable a fine regulation of the brain temperature both in the cooling and rewarming phase.

Infusion system

Our vision is to contain ABD consequences and save lives

Neuron Guard solution is a leading edge bundle of technology which combines the neuro-protective effects of hypothermia and sedation.

The treatment can be started directly at the site of the event and continued at the hospital in compliance with best practices guidelines. The complete solution comprises a set of five devices.



The infusion system can be used directly on the site of the event.

Ease of use

Ease of use

No new skills are required to operate the infusion system, which actively guides the healthcare professional to achieve the best clinical result.

Adjustable continued

Adjustable continued therapy

The sedation can continue throughout the treatment process.


The team

Our mission

Is to develop and introduce into clinical practice an innovative, effective and simple solution for the emergency and hospital treatment of ABD based on a portable device delivering quick and stable controlled brain hypothermia.

Our vision

Is to contain ABD consequences to save lives and resources in the context of continuing healthcare quality improvement and cost effectiveness.
Founder & CEO
A 34-year old medical visionary, is the founder and creator of the integrated cerebral protection system.
A medical doctor with a specialization in Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Enrico lived the Emergency experience while working for the Red Cross emergency ambulance service. Enthusiasm, discipline and an extraordinary attitude for learning typify Enrico’s professional approach.
Marketing & Communication Manager
A 30-year old professional with a Degree in Economics and a Master in Entrepreneurship and Corporate Strategy from SDA Bocconi. Mary has joined Neuron Guard in the early stage of its incubation because of her competence in the field of accounting.

She worked for two years as manager of a cooperative company active in the healthcare field, supplying a wide range of services to rehabilitation centers.