Neuro protective effects
of hypothermia and anaesthetics

Neuron Guard solution combines both approaches
to significantly reduce brain damage

. Portable

Our collar and infusion system can be used directly
on the site of the event

. Innovative

Innovative intravenous infusion system for anaesthetics

. Controlled

The device controls hypothermia in the head area

Solution potable
Solution Innovative
Solution Controlled

Neuron Guard’s solution is able to deliver
our Unique Value Proposition, which means early
treatment on-site.

It is also our differentiating feature because our system is the only one
that combines portability and clinical effectiveness,together with ease-of-use,
unlike our competitors

Current Solution

. On site treatment


. Hospital

Advanced treatment
(time/logistic issues)

Solution brain

Neuron Guard

On site treatment .


Hospital .

Advanced treatment

The acceptance of Neuron Guard’s solution

is facilitated by its simplicity.

It does not change the therapy of ABD; it integrates the internationally

accepted treatment protocols with two simple actions, capable of significantly

reducing the extent of cerebral damage.

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