Neuronguard’s CMO Mary Franzese named in Top 50 influential people to watch out in 2017 by Wired

Posted by | news | January 03, 2017

Neuron Guard’s Cofounder and CMO Mary Franzese has been named in the Top 50 influential people to watch out in 2017 by Wired Italia, together with inspiring and well-known women and men such as Elon Musk, the Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, and national-international young entrepreneurs that are developing very novel technologies, hitting new milestones and named so far in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List, among which the youngest Italian members of Parliament Anna Ascani, and the president of Homo Ex Machina Jacopo Mele.

This is what she has said after the good news:

When I was eighteen, I left Ottaviano, a small town in Naples, to find a job able to give me gratifications and rewards aligned with my sacrifices. I read so many successful stories and dreamed even a day I could end up among those.
After years, I’ve just received another wonderful good news for me: in a new article written by Gianluca Dotti, Wired Italia he has just named me in the top 50 people to watch out in 2017. It’s amazing, it seems to daydream. I was already conscious of the great responsibility as cofounder of Neuron Guard, but now I am more aware that there is a big value at stake.I thank my team and as always, and Enrico for choosing me as co-founder. We have been making progresses, and we expect a 2017 during which we will present important clinical and scientific evidences. We own the right conditions to hit the milestones fixed, primarily the first study on human at the Addenbrooke’s Hospital (Cambridge, UK).
More than ever, today I invite everyone to always believe in their dreams, fight, and never give up, because in an era digitally advanced and hyper competitive as ours a good mind alone is not enough to succeed, but it takes expertise, a motivated and multidisciplinary team, and the right risk aversion. Roll up your sleeves my friends, and do not care about the sleepless nights. The changes do not ever take place by chance in the world, but we must be the engine of them!
At this 2017.. which will be magically rich!

We are proud to say that she has been mentioned also as:

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